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nathankowald's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 14 (From 1 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 190 Points

Blue Karma

Bonus - House Checker Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Check houses along the way
Bonus - Mans Best Friend Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Talk with Crunch
Bonus - Save Water Bills Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Didn't leave water on
Bonus - Who's the Driver Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Identify who the driver is
Break In Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Apply crowbar on Window
Collect Enforcement Gear Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Pick up cuffs provided by Albert
Find Suit Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Riley picks up his Elite Agent suit from drawer
Pyjama Wash Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Put the pyjamas in the washing basket
Responsible Owner Unlocked 5/21/15
5 Points
Prepare dog food for Crunch
Another Way Unlocked 5/21/15
10 Points
Find another way into Compound
Tradesmen Toolbox Unlocked 5/21/15
10 Points
Use key on Toolbox
We Have Noise Unlocked 5/21/15
25 Points
Make a noise distraction when breaking in
Arrest Dawson Unlocked 5/21/15
50 Points
Successfully Arrest Dawson
Hide and Seek Unlocked 5/21/15
50 Points
Hide before Dawson walks in
Bonus - Slums Notifications 5 Points Read all notifications in Slums
Bonus - Street Check 5 Points Check the street is right
Find Compound 5 Points Find the Compound on Baker Street
Bonus - City Admirer 10 Points Gaze at the city view 3 times
Bonus - No Notifications Apartment 10 Points Read all notifications before leaving apartment
Bonus - Water Plants 10 Points Water the plants
Bonus - Workout 10 Points Climb up and down the ladder five times
Bonus - Bedroom Maintainer 50 Points Leave Room in good state before leaving
Bonus - Full Vetter 50 Points Examine everyone along the street
Wise man 50 Points Avoided bodyguards luring attack
Bonus - Cable Balancer 100 Points Place Dawson out the window with cable

Medals Earned: 14/25 (190/495 points)